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P/S Series Pumps

Masterflex Pump Canada and Peristaltic Pumps Tubing P/S Series Pumps
Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps :
• Masterflex manufactures a broad range of peristaltic pumps ideally suited for many biopharmaceutical process and laboratory applications. They offer several features: High volumetric efficiency allows operation in metering
• Pump flow rates from 0.1 lpm to 37lpm
• Masterflex pumps have no seals in contact with the medium pumped
• Broad selection of Masterflex tubing for biopharmaceutical pump applications
• The pumps have no valves to clog
• Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps are capable of running dry with and pumping fluids with high quantities of entrained air
• Multi-Channel models for low pulsation requirements
• Masterflex P/S and B/T Series pumps have a choice between Easy-Load and High Perfomancne Pump Heads
• A wide choice of pump tube matierials including, C-Flex, platinum cured silicone, Tygon and Pharmed More...

Peristaltic P/S Fixed Speed Pumps Peristaltic P/S Washdown Modular Pumps Peristaltic P/S Precision Control Pumps Peristaltic Industrial Process- P/S NEMA 4X Digital Process, P/S Process Digital Pump  Brushless Digital Pump  Variable-Speed Metering Dispenser  P/S Water Sampling Systems  P/S Variable Spd/Air-Powered  P/S Variable Spd/Hazardous Duty  P/S Pump Adapter Systems

I/P Series Pumps

Masterflex pumps and Peristaltic Pumps Tubing Pumps I/P Series

Masterflex I/P Series Pumps: Generally there are two types of peristaltic pumps – tube and hose pumps. The biggest distinction is that hose pumps are high pressure while their counterparts are low pressure. High pressure hose pumps typically have thicker, reinforced tubing hence their name “hose,” pumps. But if you want a peristaltic pump for your manufacturing process, one like the Masterflex® I/P (Industrial/Process) Tube Pump can help.

This equipment has powerful motors and staves off contaminants such as dust and water. I/P systems deliver flow rates from 0.012 to 13 LPM. It’s great for quick fluid transfer in your lab. While high pressure hose pumps require tougher material which slows down the flow and forces the system to work harder. Whether you get hose pumps or its faster counterpart aligning chemicals with the right tubing material is essential for safety and maintenance. More...

I/P Fixed Speed Washdown Pumps I/P Multichannel Washdown Pumps I/P Standard & Industrial Process Pump I/P Modular Digital Metering I/P Air-Powered Pumps I/P Hazardous-Duty Pumps I/P (NEMA)Pump Adapter Systems

B/T Series Pumps

Masterflex pumps and Peristaltic Pumps Tubing B/T Series

Masterflex BT Series Pumps: Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps B/T Series is include with Masterflex Pumps Fixed Speed, Digital Variable, Analog Variable, Air Powered, and Masterflex Pumps Head Adapters. BT Series Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps is simple one-hand opening/closing, high-volume & high-accuracy dispensing, simple intuitive controls, reinforced base & motor mount with return bend for easy installation.

B/T Fixed Speed Systems B/T Digital Variable Speed B/T Analog Variable Speed B/T Air Powered B/T Pump Head Adapters

Hose Pumps

Hose Pumps

Enviroflex L Series Hose Pumps:
Thermo Scientific* Enviroflex L Series pumps provide all the benefits of other peristaltic pumps, with a number of key benefits—slower operating speed for a given flow rate; and rotating rollers for soft hose compression. Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with Environmental Pumping Solutions to supply the Enviroflex L Series peristaltic hose pumps. The L Series pumps improve process fluid handling by reducing downtime and energy consumption. More...

L Series Hose Pumps

News & Tips

5 tips for Masterflex® pump installation

Here are five handy installation tips to improve performance, reduce tubing costs, eliminate waste and lower maintenance costs for your customer's applications.

1. The pump should be located where there is adequate airflow around the pump and ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C (104°F). This will lower maintenance cost and prevent premature failure of the pump drive.

2. Although Masterflex® pumps are self priming... MORE


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For over 20 years I have been retrofitting new controllers to water softeners that the old Bruner Corporation sold, equipped with Signet sensors, the last being 2536s. Over the years while on jobs I need to check K-factors that have been set incorrectly.

I am writing to let you know that over the years I have found it quite easy to navigate the Signet section of your website making research on Signet a pleasure rather than a frustrating experience.

In my mind Burt & Signet have become synonymous. Burt-Signet; Signet-Burt! Thank you for the good job you did setting up your website and making it easy for us not-too-computer-savvy guys to navigate.

I send many customers to you when they are looking for the best price rather than buying them and trying to resell them myself. You did a good job and I appreciate it. MORE


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Burt Process Equipment was founded in 1970 and has been a growing industrial distributor and manufacturer ever since. We are a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic high purity and corrosion resistant equipment, systems and services.

Currently, our engineered systems provide proven solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, institutional, and chemical processing markets. We are continually looking for new associates who bring a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to our organization. If you think you would like to join our progressive organization, please let us know which of the following positions would suit your qualifications and send us your resume at BPEcareer@burtprocess.com .

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Since its establishment in 1970, Burt Process Equipment is been the leading distributor and solution integrator for Ingersoll Rand (IR) Masterflex Pump Canada. We are committed to provide only the best of the class products, solution and services to our customers. And Masterflex Pumps Peristaltic Pumps Canada are the best in its class of products. Whether you are looking for the right Masterflex Pumps and Peristaltic Pumps Canada or help in choosing the right pumps and components for your application Burt Process Equipment is the right choice for you. Our experience team members are here to help you with their extensive years of experience, knowledge and commitment only to excellence.

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